Trial flights

Our apologies, but as of 12 Jan 2018 the club has no available aircraft as a result of an engine failure event today. The good news is that a successful forced landing was carried out. The bad news is that we will be like the pub with no beer for a while with all flying cancelled. This page will be restored to normal (as below) when we are back in the air again.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take to the sky and fly?  Well now you can at a very affordable price.  We offer you the opportunity to take a trial flight with a qualified flying instructor and actually fly the aircraft yourself.  This is a fully hands on experience where you will receive expert tuition from one of our experienced instructors.

You start your experience with a pre-flight safety briefing.  This is followed by an introduction to the aircraft and its systems.  Then it’s into the plane for your pre-take off checks. Once these are completed we blast off for some mind blowing flight time.

Right from the start you fly the aircraft and your instructor will assist you throughout.  We will guide you through take-off, climbing and descending, turning and landing.  This has got to be the best value flight experience available.

However, we must stress that this is not a scenic or recreational flight. The purpose of the trial flight is to let you find out what it would be like to learn to fly. Many people think they would like to learn to fly, and almost anyone in reasonable health can indeed learn to do so. This lets you take that first step, but without further obligation, if you think you would like to fly.

Introductory/Trial flights cost $140 for one hour or $80 for half an hour. If interested, you could phone one of our instructors – or just turn up at the hangar any Sunday and introduce yourself.

If you want to buy a Trial Flight Voucher for yourself or as a gift for someone else, please deposit $140 or $80 (as above) to Whangarei Flying Club’s ASB account number 12-3098-0259910-00 with appropriate reference such as your name and send an email to requesting your voucher which will be emailed back to you.

Learn to fly