Our aircraft

ZK-FBT Aeroprakt A22 “Foxbat”

As of December 2017, this has become our primary (and until further notice, only) aircraft as the Tecnam P92 detailed below is out of service undergoing repair. The Foxbat has the same 100 HP Rotax engine as the Tecnam, but it is a bit lighter. It is a STOL (short take-off and landing) aircraft which offers exciting possibilities for accomplished pilots. This aircraft is also well suited to basic flying training purposes with simpler instrumentation than on the Tecnam and easier ground handling. The club has been fortunate to acquire this aircraft in “as new” condition with only a couple of hundred hours on the clock.

ZK-WCF Tecnam Eaglet P92 G5

ZK-WCF was purchased in late 2012. This aircraft offers the latest in recreational aircraft technology and is fitted with a Rotax 100 HP, four cylinder , horizontally opposed, liquid cooled engine and has a cruising speed of 100 knots. It offers the pilot a full Dynon Skyview D1000 glass cockpit. This incredible avionics platform provides unsurpassed situational awareness and many safety features never seen before in light recreational aircraft.  This fantastic machine is offered at the incredible price of just $138.00 Incl. GST. per hour to our members.

Our club aircraft are available exclusively to our club members and prospective members interested in learning to fly and wanting to take a trial flight with one of our instructors.