Learn to fly

Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding things you can possibly undertake.  The feeling of taking control of an aircraft for the first time just cannot be described and has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The Whangarei Flying Club Inc. offers recreational microlight flight training in a safe and professional environment.  We have a team of experienced instructors that are dedicated to your flying training.  We are all volunteers and are not here just to build flying hours.  We have a passion and commitment to flying that is obvious in our training methods.

We operate a light sport aircraft that, due to it’s weight, is registered in the microlight category.  Don’t let that fool you though.  This aircraft is not a flying kite that you would normally associate with Microlight or ultra-light flying.  Modern microlight aircraft are in fact high performance two seat aircraft capable of flying all over New Zealand.  They even complete trans-tasman trips on occasion.


So what does this mean to you?  Well what it means is that you don’t have to have a private pilot’s licence to fly one.  All you need is a microlight certificate.  The New Zealand microlight certificate is easier and more cost effective to obtain for a number of reasons.

The medical requirements are less stringent.  You only need to demonstrate that you can pass a car licence medical.  This is a lot less stringent than a class 1 or class 2 aviation medical.

The cost of the aircraft hire is a lot less.  For example the hire cost of our primary training aircraft is only $138.00 Incl. GST per flying hour.  Compare this to the cost of a Cessna 172 at a general aviation flying school of around $250.00 per hour.

The cost of an instructor is a lot less.  In fact we don’t even charge for our instructors.  All our instructors are volunteers and they do not charge for their services.  Compare this to a general aviation school of at least $40.00 per hour on top of the aircraft hire.  This certainly adds up fast.

So what do you need to do to get started? You could contact one of our instructors, but why not simply come along to the club on any Sunday and get one of our enthusiasts to show you who we are and what we can offer. We may well be able to take you for a flight there and then, conditions permitting – Then we’ll take it from there if you are keen to continue.